EsyWebsite Migration

Today we migrated esywebsite to a brand new server and more reliable and stable. We did all checking and hopefully things are working smoothly from our customer's end. However, if you find anything wrong with the website, please do appreciate if you can drop us a quick message. Sorry for any inconvenience. Website migration can [...]

Compartmentalisation of your website pages

Existing wordpress theme templates ( have one important design that you can easily compartmentalised your pages into small section and create your contents easily. So, when you think of building a website, please ensure that you start creating the flow of your website information. That way, you can then easily segment the flow. [...]

We just relaunched our website and business portfolios

Since our first soft launch back in January 2017, EsyWebsite Innovation Ltd has been really busy with its focus solely set on getting more customers around the world. We are also proud to be a technology partner of Enki Interactive (, a well-established, well-equipped and incredible group of web designers and developers under stewardship of [...]

WordPress Text Editor – Beginner’s guide to how to use the text editor

WordPress authors have the option to create pages and posts in a Visual Editor or a Text Editor. While the Visual Editor does a reasonably good job with its toolbar options and easy editing environment, the use of the Text Editor allows maximum flexibility on how to organize content. See more on For inserting codes [...]