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Our List of Signature Projects

We categorised our projects into different sectors or industries to ensure that we have broad experience. We realised that having broad industrial experience is important because cross-industry fertilisation can be achieved. This will enrich our client’s website and further differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Property / Real-estate

Engineering/ Research




We are developing Allespay application that in concept is in line to PayTm having ecommerce marketplace and recharge functionality.

ToTofoods.in is another major project that we are building.

Ecommerce Marketplace
Ecommerce Marketplace – We have nearly completed the ecommerce marketplace and now scheduled to deploy on the live server.


Gaming Industry

Yi Jing International Marketing Co., Ltd. – a renowned digital marketing and sales company, specialising in gaming ASO and procurement services. We helped to design and develop Yijing’s website, from concept to “go-live”